Available Rules

  • ⭐️ mark: the rule which is enabled by vue-i18n/recommended preset.
  • ✒️ mark: the rule which is fixable by eslint --fix command.
Rule ID Description
vue-i18n/no-html-messages disallow use HTML localization messages ⭐️
vue-i18n/no-missing-keys disallow missing locale message key at localization methods ⭐️
vue-i18n/no-raw-text disallow to string literal in template or JSX ⭐️
vue-i18n/no-v-html disallow use of localization methods on v-html to prevent XSS attack ⭐️

Best Practices

Rule ID Description
vue-i18n/no-dynamic-keys disallow localization dynamic keys at localization methods
vue-i18n/no-unused-keys disallow unused localization keys