# Locale changing

Normally, using the root Vue instance as the starting point, all child components are localized using the locale property of the VueI18n class as a reference.

Sometimes you might want to dynamically change the locale. In that case you can change the value of the locale property of the VueI18n instance.

const i18n = new VueI18n({
  locale: 'ja', // set locale

// create root Vue instance
new Vue({

// change other locale
i18n.locale = 'en'

Each component contains a VueI18n instance referenced as the $i18n property that can also be used to change the locale.


  <div class="locale-changer">
    <select v-model="$i18n.locale">
      <option v-for="(lang, i) in langs" :key="`Lang${i}`" :value="lang">
        {{ lang }}

export default {
  name: 'locale-changer',
  data () {
    return { langs: ['ja', 'en'] }


⚠️ Locale changing is ignored for components that use sync: false.

Component vs. root scope

⚠️ Changing $i18n.locale inside a component does not update the root locale. If you rely on the root locale, for example when using root fallbacks, use $root.$i18n.locale instead of $i18n.locale.