Number localization

Support Version

🆕 7.0+

You can localize the number with your definition formats.

Number formats the below:

const numberFormats = {
  'en-US': {
    currency: {
      style: 'currency', currency: 'USD'
  'ja-JP': {
    currency: {
      style: 'currency', currency: 'JPY', currencyDisplay: 'symbol'

As the above, you can define named number formats (e.g. currency, etc), and you need to use the options with ECMA-402 Intl.NumberFormat

After that, when using the locale messages, you need to specify the numberFormats option of the VueI18n constructor:

const i18n = new VueI18n({

new Vue({

Template the below:

<div id="app">
  <p>{{ $n(100, 'currency') }}</p>
  <p>{{ $n(100, 'currency', 'ja-JP') }}</p>

Output the below:

<div id="app">

Custom formatting

Support Version

🆕 8.10+

$n method returns resulting string with fully formatted number, which can only be used as a whole. In situations when you need to style some part of the formatted number (like fraction digits), $n is not enough. In such cases <i18n-n> functional component will be of help.

With a minimum set of properties, <i18n-n> generates the same output as $n, wrapped into configured DOM element.

The following template:

<div id="app">
  <i18n-n :value="100"></i18n-n>
  <i18n-n :value="100" format="currency"></i18n-n>
  <i18n-n :value="100" format="currency" locale="ja-JP"></i18n-n>

will produce the below output:

<div id="app">

But the real power of this component comes into play when it is used with scoped slots.

Let's say there is a requirement to render the integer part of the number with a bolder font. This can be achieved by specifying integer scoped slot element:

<i18n-n :value="100" format="currency">
  <span v-slot:integer="slotProps" styles="font-weight: bold">{{ slotProps.integer }}</span>

Template above will result in the following HTML:

<span>$<span styles="font-weight: bold">100</span>.00</span>

It is possible to specify multiple scoped slots at the same time:

<i18n-n :value="1234" :format="{ key: 'currency', currency: 'EUR' }">
  <span v-slot:integer="slotProps" styles="font-weight: bold">{{ slotProps.integer }}</span>
  <span v-slot:group="slotProps" styles="font-weight: bold">{{ }}</span>
  <span v-slot:fraction="slotProps" styles="font-size: small">{{ slotProps.fraction }}</span>

(this resulting HTML was formatted for better readability)

<span><span styles="font-weight: bold">1</span>
  <span styles="font-weight: bold">,</span>
  <span styles="font-weight: bold">234</span>
  <span styles="font-size: small">00</span>

Full list of the supported scoped slots as well as other <i18n-n> properties can be found on API page.

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