# Tooling

To support the i18n of Vue applications, some tools are officially provided.

There are also tools from third vendors integrating Vue I18n.

# Official tooling

# Vue CLI Plugin

vue-cli-plugin-i18n is officially provided as the Vue CLI Plugin.

With this plugin, you can setup the i18n environment for the Vue application, and support the i18n development environment.

# Nuxt Module

nuxt-i18n is corresponding Nuxt.js module.

# Webpack loader

vue-i18n-loader is an officially provided webpack loader.

With this loader, you can use the i18n custom block in the Single file components.

In about i18n custom block, see the Single file components section

# ESLint Plugin

eslint-plugin-vue-i18n is ESLint plugin for Vue I18n.

It easily integrates some localization lint features to your Vue.js Application.

# Extensions

vue-i18n-extensions provides some extensions for Vue I18n.

You can use this extension to enable SSR and improve i18n performance.

# 3rd party tooling

# BabelEdit

BabelEdit is translation editor for web apps.

BabelEdit can translate json files, and it can also translate i18n custom block of Single-file components.

Read more about BabelEdit in tutorial page.

# i18n Ally

i18n Ally is i18n extension for VSCode.

i18n Ally give awesome DX for your i18n development.

Read more about i18n Ally in README.

# i18nPlugin (intellij platform)

i18nPlugin Intellij idea i18next support plugin ( Jetbrains plugin page ).

Plugin for i18n typescript/javascript/PHP. Supports vue-i18n. To enable vue-i18n support go to settings -> Tools -> i18n Plugin configuration and check "Vue-i18n". You need set vue locales directory (locales by default).